Big things start NOW!


You're ready to make this happen!  Bravo!  I remember my FIRST DAY learning being introduced to this NEW WAY of doing business... and I had no clue how it would change my life!

[NOTE: Since you also purchased The Content Machine, see information at the bottom of this page regarding that program.]

This CAN work for you.  Complete EACH TASK, no matter how big or small. Trust the process.

Administrative stuff to make sure this runs smoothly for you!

THE AUTOMATIC PROFIT MACHINE training takes place in the Sarah Grace LIVE Membership area.  This is a protected area!  You can receive support and party with other Automatic Profit Machine friends with my Team in the Facebook Group.

#1: MOST IMPORTANT:  You will receive an AUTOMATED email from me with the subject:  "Complete your Registration for Sarah Grace LIVE!" This email will hit your inbox NOW.  You will set your own password for the membership area using the provided link.  This message OFTEN shows up in SPAM, so look for it!  You can't access the content any other way!

Don't see it within 15 minutes? Email us at

#2:  JOIN The Automatic-Profit-Machine FACEBOOK GROUP!  [You will be approved to Join starting NOV 1ST!]

Direct Link to request Nov 1st Access --->


This Facebook Group is THE SOURCE of Community, Q&A, Brainstorming, and Monthly Coaching Calls.  You won't ever feel lost if you're in The Group.  So, JUMP IN!


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Step 1: Find the Email
"Complete your Registration for Sarah Grace LIVE!" in your email!
This message OFTEN goes to SPAM! Check it ASAP to gain access!
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Step 2: Join the FB Group
[FB Group starts officially on Nov. 1st]
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Need Help?
CONGRATS on snagging
"The Content Machine!

You've got guts.  I like that about you.

Delighted to show you how we can work together to get INSPIRED Messages online in the quickest, most valuable way possible!

I love surrounding myself with people who are willing to THINK BIG. You are one of those people.   GO YOU!

To get started with THE CONTENT MACHINE:
You will login to Sarah Grace LIVE and will have access to BOTH The Automatic Profit Machine AND The Content Machine.
ONE LOGIN for all your courses here at Sarah Grace LIVE, cool eh?

Emails to start The Content Machine will hit your inbox tomorrow, but I would highly recommend NOT diving in until AFTER you finish APM.
Machine first.  Traffic second.

You are loved,
P.S. If you need anything, reach out:

"The Fearless Marketer" systems will drip out to you when it's the right time!