How we did it.
We helped THIS client hit

In even BETTER news, my client worked an average of 10 hours per week. AND NOW...she works even less than that!

Now you have probably heard me talk about it, but I wanted you to hear about it from my client directly.

Meet Brooke Snow: Creator of

When she came and hired me to help her transform her business into a BIG business she had:

❌ No Facebook Group

❌ A non-existent Instagram (Hadn’t posted in YEARS)

❌ An average of $500/month In revenue

❌ And Absolutely No Idea Where To Start to Grow her Business!

Brooke started to work with me in 2019.

In June, we did her first launch. (Group Mentoring)

In January 2020, we did her second launch. (Re-vamped Group Mentoring)

In March, we did another session due to boosted Traffic from the All In Podcast [Meditation Course]

During that time, here were the results:

✅ $160,000+ in sales overnight.

✅ Passive Income that will easily pass six-figures [TWICE] by the end of the year.

And we spent ZERO on paid advertising.

Today, I interview Brooke about what we did, and let her share HER side of the story, and how it transformed her life and business.

This was unscripted, completely unedited.

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Things can change. 

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