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Road Trip hacks for every family

My top 10 favorite road trip games!

Don't you love games? How about some games in the car? Sounds fun, eh? Don't you sometimes get bored when you have to sit for 12 hours in the car? I sure do. Well, check out some games you can play with your family and friends in the car.

When you plan a road trip right,it shows.
You want to have a good road trip, right? Obviously. Sorry to break it to you, but you will make some mistakes. In fact, everybody will! It is completely normal. You aren't alone, I've made mistakes planning too. But remember, stay calm when something goes wrong in your plans. Take a deep breath and work it out. Try your best. Here are some good tips and things to pack on your road trip. 
Benefits of doing road trips regularly  
 They will charge you up

On road trips, you stay in the car for most of the time. You take bathroom breaks, the kids run around and get their wiggles out, and most importantly you are charged up! What I mean is that you are full and ready to accomplish things. Road trips are boring sometimes, but they charge you up for adventures. Play some games or chat to take your mind off of sitting in the car for hours!

It's good for learning to love each other

Do you get tired of hearing "It's my turn! Give it back! STOP!! Mom!! Dad!! HELP ME!!" You just want to scream and yell. DON'T. It will make everything worse and the kids will just fight more. So. Make this fighting a lesson.  Say: "Kids. Stop fighting please. Just put the toy down and let us all play a game. How about "Let Me Count The Ways Why I love You". " The game will teach the kids to love each other. Click on the link by my 10 most favorite road trip games. It will teach you how to play.  Have fun!

You have a big victory at the end

At the end of the road trip, do you ever want to just yell "WE SURVIVED! YAY!"? Well, go ahead just not too loud. At the beginning of a road trip, you feel like you won't make it when you have kids. Well, you will! Hopefully. Road trips cause a lot of stress sometimes. Well, all the time. Especially with kids. You have to feed them, hand them stuff, etc. But at the end you fell like a big winner, and you are! So, you are a big winner.

You should R-E-L-A-X regularly on long road trips.. 

Celebrate your huge victory by clicking on the link below. Have fun celebrating :)!!

Another way to help kids!

Here is another way to help your kids love one another:

Things to do while on breaks

Here are things to do while on breaks on a road trip:

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My top 10 favorite foods, Snacks, Drinks, and Desserts to eat on road trips!

First Road Trip With Kids?

Well, Every parent will probably have to bring their kids on a road trip. My family goes on a lot of them. I plan them most of the time. We go on long 10+ hour road trips. It's hard! There are 4 kids. We need to bring extra food, more suitcases, etc. You are not alone on a road trip with kids. YOU WILL SURVIVE. Tell that to yourself before every road trip with kids. For more tips, go to the link that talks about planning and packing. There should be better tips. 

Ways to help stress

You will probably be under a lot of stress during and before a long road trip. So, before road trips how about you try to get some time to yourself? Go get a drink at Sonic, get a massage, hang out with friends, go see a movie, or lock yourself in your room and read a calming book. Those are just ideas. During a road trip, a way to handle stress is to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.... Take 10 or 5 deep breaths. You can also put earplugs in your ears and nap only if you are NOT driving. Before a road trip you can also make a calming glitter bottle. Get a tall plastic water bottle, rip off any straps on it, fill it with warm water , put glitter in it, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and anything else you can use. Put the cap on and shake it. It is really calming. Maybe your kids can make one too to play with. 


Are you alone on road trips? No one to help you? Well, you are actually not the only one who has been alone on a road trip. Every parent probably be alone on at least one road trip. So, Have some fun! Put on pop music, play I Spy, or just talk with your kids. Your kids will probably get upset once and that is okay. It's part of being a parent. If your kids are upset, ask them what they want or why they are sad. Give them what they want. Only if it is in reason though. Like an animal cracker, a toy car they dropped or whatever. Make the calming glitter bottle! How to make it is to the left,  let the kids make there own before a road trip! It will help. Trust me. ;)

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How it all started

Hi! I'm Macy Allred, the oldest of 4 children. I am obsessed with planning and organizing road trips. Well, it's obvious. This is a surprise but I am actually only 11 years old. I know, it's strange for an 11 year old charging you $520 per year for the VIP membership. I'm just trying to earn some money. I also want to share my tips and facts for road trips. I know that road trips are hard. I try to help my parents in every way possible when we are about to go on one. I make road trip binders, pack food, organize everything, pack my own things, etc. I hope to help you have a good road trip. I understand that they are stressing and hard. I want you to have the best road trip ever. I am happy to help you in any way possible. Ciao! :)

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You want your kids to be busy, right? Well, make a road trip binder! You choose what you put in. Coloring pages, learning pages, activity worksheets, etc! The binder can be for any age. Put something different in each one depending on the age. Click on the link for printable's and how to make a binder!