A Victress You May Already Know

Have you ever accomplished something HUGE [becoming a mother, a successful event, or hit your financial goal in your business?]……and then felt DISAPPOINTED?

I see this happen all the time with my entrepreneurs that I work with as a coach.

They go through massive effort…
Launch this product.
Advertise this product.
Work towards this product.
Develop this product to perfection.

Then the launch happens and they…
Sell the product…YES!
Exceed expectations…YES!
Make money…YES!

And what happens to the entrepreneur?
She accomplishes everything she set out to accomplish (the win) and she has this odd feeling of disappointment (the illusion)..and tries to hide it.

So…WHY the disappointment?

What purpose does that serve for YOU, the Vitress?

The answer lies in the story of Esther, from the Bible.

Her name is Esther. Her initial calling [aka Her Spark!] was to become the new Queen of Persia.
But that is was just the beginning of Esther’s impact on the world.


How could she ever accomplish anything bigger than becoming the queen of Persia?

Becoming the Queen of Persia was Esther’s first “Win” as part of her Victress Journey.

When presented with the dire situation of her people, the Jews in Persia, she was presented with yet ANOTHER task. A more IMPORTANT, MONUMENTAL, and IMPACTFUL task.

This illusion of “Becoming Queen of Persia” is all I was meant to accomplish was indeed…an illusion, because she was meant for something so much bigger…
Esther had a choice.

Do I approach the king to plead for my people’s lives?
Do I hold my tongue, sit on the summit and let the decree move forward?
Those were her choices.

This was the moment where she was on the first summit of The Victress Journey.

She was already the new queen of Persia. She could stay on that summit, bask, enjoy the sunlight, or she could go and climb the second summit.

What did Esther Choose?

Esther risked it, Victress style. This was the moment of ultimate courage. There was nothing that would keep her from fulfilling her purpose.

His work will move forward…It is our choice on how involved we want to be in the process!

You are a Victress, just like Esther.

How do YOU reach your first Summit – Your WIN, and then fight through the illusion that your work is done?

Listen to my Podcast Episode: Victress Journey Part 6 – The Win and The Illusion to learn more.

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