Nurturing Comes In All Sorts Of Different Ways

In The Family Proclamation, it states,
“Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children.”

In a podcast interview, I did with Rachel Nielson of 3in30 Podcast, she shared that this line used to really haunt her. She felt like this divine role didn’t always feel like it fit her.

She explained that she has since realized,
“Nurturing comes in all sorts of different ways. And I am still extremely nurturing even though I didn’t love full-time stay-at-home motherhood .”

Rachel goes on to share that it was over several years she grappled with a desire to work and have her own thing. She truly came to believe it was a righteous desire!

She says,
“I finally felt Heavenly Father saying to me, I created you the way that you are for a reason. I gave you these gifts and passions and it’s okay to follow those!”

There’s nothing wrong with you! If you want to work part-time or full-time. You can still be fulfilling your divine role as a Mother. As a Victress, this is our journey. This is the journey we are taking together.

If you’ve ever had this same grappling experience or continue to grapple with this, please know that you are not alone! Join our community of Victress’s online. You can find us on Instagram at @sarahgracelive. You can also find us on YouTube.

Here is one last fleck of gold (don’t forget to check out her journals) from Rachel’s interview:

“Primarily responsible for the nurture of my children also includes giving them or figuring out nurturing opportunities for them.”

Listen to Podcast Episode 44: Obsessed with Motherhood and Business. It’s possible! An Interview with Rachel Nielson

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