The Weapon Of Choice Is Truth!

Can I ask myself, when something destructive comes towards me and attacks me personally…

Is this true?

Telling the truth about ourselves and our circumstances is our greatest ally.

So ask yourself some questions.
What is my most common thread to my destruction as a victress?
What is that common threat to my soul?
What is the common thread of the common threat?
How is my confidence attacked?
How is my ability to progress attacked?

When you can answer honestly these questions, you’ll be on the right path to defeating the enemy.

And in, in the world of self-help and development, you’re believing a story that isn’t real, or you’re telling yourself a story. And that’s some of the verbiage that is used in the self-help world.

I want to push it even further.

It is a defining story in your life.

This villain that you are facing is like a Tempest. It takes on a life of its own. It’s very much like the demon coming out of the water where we feel unsafe. It turns mountains out of molehills.

Not only is it a story that we tell ourselves, it is a destructive conclusion that we have accepted.

If you relate to any of these stories, if you’re honestly asking yourself these questions, I invite you to listen to Podcast Episode 43: Part 7 – The Enemy – The Victress Journey

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