Meet Victress: A Woman who is Victorious

I want all areas of my life to feel like a victory while aiming to reach my goals!

So, I had to ask myself…

What does that kind of woman look like?
I’m so excited to announce that I have discovered her. While she has so many of the same qualities as the Heroine…
She is different.
She is unique.
She is a Victress!

A victress is someone who:

Tells the truth about herself and her circumstances.
Sets, maintains, celebrates, and embraces boundaries.
Sees her Victress Journey as a GIFT to her loved ones – not a hindrance.
Embraces her unique power, her successes, the amazing parts of her life – her beauty and influence – and invites others to DO THE SAME.
She stands firm in being unwilling to sacrifice family, faith, or her relationships to achieve greatness.

Are you a Victress?

If not, does this sound like someone you’d like to be? If so, I invite you to listen to my Special Episode: Introducing the Victress!

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