Being Willing to Pay the Price

Rhonna Farrer shares how she was in deep sickness, darkness, and depression.

As she sat in Relief Society, not wanting to be there a woman made a comment that completely shifted her.

She said once her children were all in school, there were days she would start to study scripture and lose track of time so much so that her kids would be home from school and she realized she’d been lost in the scriptures all day long.

This is what Rhonna said in her own words:

My first reaction was, that is crazy!
And then there was a spark inside of me that ignited.
How did she get that?
I want that!
I looked at her life and tried to emulate what she did. She paid the price! For the past 15 years, I’ve been paying the price. The price that I pay looks different every day. The path that I go on every day is a little bit different. And I’ve learned not to get frustrated about where I am on that path.
I just say to God, I have the desire to work and to pay the price, to receive this spiritual guidance that I desperately need. We all desperately need to be tutored. And receive this personal revelation.

And then once we come to Christ and we’re paying that price and we’re going to every single day, then this is where we just start bringing souls to Christ. Right. That’s our personal responsibility and path, but then we get to bring others to Christ, right?
We’re not dragging them. We are linking arm in arm with the women that are around us and saying, let’s all come to Christ.
We need each other because we can learn from each other. I believe that when our spirits truly connect, is when we are paying the price.
It takes work to connect.
It takes time.
It takes authenticity.
It takes love.
Iit takes humility.
It takes light makers.
It takes us learning how to make that light.

I want that too! We have all sat in those moments where we’ve looked at someone and we’ve said, I want that.
I want that and I love the realization I had while listening to this interview…Anyone can have it!
If you’re willing to pay the price, that’s all it takes.

Rhonna has provided beautiful ways for us to pay the price through the beautiful work she does. You can find her at www.rhonnadesigns.com

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