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Take time to recognize what is really stopping us…

As we continue you on The Heroine’s Journey we come to a point where something is stopping us. It’s something within us. It’s something within our stories, our minds, our heart, our emotions that is stopping us. No one is physically stopping us. We are internally stopping ourselves.

We blame it on time management.
We blame it on not having enough money.
We blame it on not having enough knowledge.
We blame it on not having enough support.

We point the finger left and right to say, this is why I can’t do it!

Here’s the invitation:
To really accept and believe that the thing stopping us is not an external factor!

Maybe we feel ashamed that we want more out of life when we are already so richly blessed. Maybe we feel guilt that we want a life that includes motherhood AND expands beyond motherhood. We want to be known as someone who’s humble. Maybe we associate martyrdom with righteousness and we believe a life spent giving all to others is considered a righteous life and the life that we are meant to live.

This moment might be really, really painful…
We blame the fact that we can’t accomplish the things we feel sparked to accomplish because we have a family, because we have young kids, because we have a calling, because we have husbands.

We try to blame others so that we don’t have to be accountable for not doing the thing we feel called to do!

For years, I tried to blame my husband’s career choice for the reason I wasn’t accomplishing the things I felt called to do. My incredibly wise coach finally asked me, “Is it possible that your husband’s choice in medicine is not the source of all your problems?”

The opposite of blame is accountability!

Take accountability and have that be part of the conversation moving forward.

It changed everything in our marriage. It changed everything for me to move forward with my life. It can change everything for you too!

I invite you to listen to Podcast Episode 40: The Journey and discover what is holding you back!

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