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Stop Questioning Yourself and Be Part of the Ripple

As I started working with entrepreneurs who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I noticed a really common wall.  As members of the church, as women and especially busy women, we don’t want to come in and say,

  • Wait, I’m not going to spend my time on this because someone else is already doing it and doing it really well.
  • Why would I go in and teach people about health and fitness when this person is so awesome at it.
  • Why would I ever come in and try to teach people about family financing, budgeting when this person is already doing it so well.
  • Why would I come in and try and teach people about parenting and about interacting with your kids and building them spiritually when this person is already doing it.

It’s this big wall that comes in front of us because we want to be smart with our time and we don’t feel like we have a lot of time to waste.  We feel like we can’t do something if someone else has already done it.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Who in your mind was our very first international member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?
  • Second, who was the first female leader of the church who was not married?
  • Third, who is the first person that has tackled sex trafficking in an amazing way here in the United States and Iran? 

Okay, great. So these might be some dramatic options right here, but if I have polled my own people well enough, we may have some similar answers.

Let me guess you thought of; Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Sheri Dew and Tim Ballard.  Whether that is true or not, that is the first person, that’s the important word, the first person that comes to mind.

So we get caught up in this idea that if someone has already tackled this and is and already doing it in a big impactful manner, then we don’t have a role to play. If we’re not the first, then there’s no place for us to be doing it. Why would I do it if someone else is already doing it in such an amazing way?

In amazing passage from the book Champions of Change, 25 women who made history. 

“We lose the full scope of the work and diversity of the people involved in making history when we only tell the same stories about well known people. The names and work of these leaders may not be as well known.”

They’re talking about the leaders in this book.

“But they understood their unique communities and knew how to get things done.”

Does that sound like you?

It goes on to say,

“Champions are not reserved for the first and onlys, the seconds and thirds and thirty-thirds and so on. Ripple effects of the first are equally important.”

That is my message to you!

The one thing every Latter-day Saint woman needs in her business is a ripple. It’s a good thing if there are women ahead of you making big impact in business, because they are equally important and they have set a stage for you to be successful!

Find out how you can become part of this RIPPLE!


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