What To Do If You Blame Yourself For Your Child’s Struggles

Have you ever met someone and knew there was something inside them that could change the world?

Let me introduce you to such a person.

Cheryl Cardall. She has the “Fight Like A Mother” podcast where she gives a safe place to share stories, talk openly, and break the stigma surrounding mental health. She is vocal and honest about being in the middle of her own battle trying to help one of her own children.

I had the chance to interview her for my podcast and we had an incredible discussion! While this topic of mental illness might not seem like the obvious “business strategy” interview to listen to, I beg you not to miss this episode.

As a Victress, we aim to be victorious in ALL aspects of life. Faith, FAMILY, Fitness, and Business. We tackle life as a whole. Mental Illness included. This interview is a MUST-LISTEN.

One of my favorite takeaways is when Cheryl said,

“We are responsible to love, to teach, to guide, to support, to be there for them – to show up – but we can not control their behavior no matter what.”

Sometimes we think we have more control, don’t we?

Our influence is in building relationships. Cheryl shares that our focus should be on teaching and trying to understand what is behind our children’s behaviors.

“And recognizing that even our heavenly parents cannot control the behaviors of their children here on earth.”

Drop everything you’re doing and go listen to this episode right now!

The Victories and Realities surrounding Mental Health – an Interview with Cheryl Cardall

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